Tony_blair_1The Prime Minister was secretly interviewed by police last Friday, he was first interviewed five weeks ago.

This morning’s newspapers were already talking about the end of Tony Blair (The Telegraph called him "an absurdity") due to David Cameron’s performance at PMQs. This revelation from today’s lobby briefing is a devastating double-whammy and perhaps justifies Cameron’s strategy of aiming his sights at Blair rather than Brown.

Deputy Editor

2pm update from PA: Shadow Chancellor George Osborne said he did not want to "prejudge" the police inquiry.  But it’s obviously an extremely serious matter when a serving Prime Minister is interviewed twice by the police," he added.  I think that the police need to conduct the inquiry as they see fit and it’s certainly not the job of politicians to interfere in that… There’s a broader point here which goes to the whole situation we find ourselves in this year, which is that this Government is paralysed and, as David Cameron was saying in the House of Commons yesterday, it’s difficult to see why Tony Blair is remaining in office."