Although ConservativeHome is worried about the Labour machine’s use of the emails gained from the Downing Street petitions here is a special post from Blair Gibbs of The TaxPayers’ Alliance:

"As reported in the Mail on Sunday, and with the support of that paper, the TaxPayers’ Alliance has submitted our own Downing Street petition on the proposed bin tax, which is being introduced without consultation and by stealth.

Around 30 councils have started weighing household rubbish using microchips implanted in wheelie-bins. Government now advocates the nationwide application of this scheme whereby households will be charged for the amount of rubbish disposed. Schemes like this are already in place in Europe and if similar charges were introduced here, the average family could end up paying up to £120 per year, on top of council tax. Middle class families will be hit especially hard by this new tax

This new charge – like so much in public policy – will have unintended consequences.  The high cost will lead to more fly-tipping and backyard burning as people try to avoid the charge, which hardly advances the environmental cause. 

Ultimately, the TaxPayers’ Alliance believes that this new tax cannot be justified given the 80% increase in council tax over the last decade and the enormous amount of waste at local government level.  Council taxes must be cut, but this new bin tax while purported to be for encouraging recycling, is in fact part of a green agenda that politicians are using merely as a new way to raise money. There are no plans to offset the charge with lower taxes elsewhere, nor are there any plans that homes that exceed recycling targets will be given a council tax discount. This is simply a tax on top of a tax.

Downing Street has just approved the petition and it is now live, so please click here and sign up, so we can start the ball rolling.  Please forward the link – – to other contacts you know.

Campaigning against green taxes is going to be a big theme for the TPA in 2007, and with the help of the Mail on Sunday, this petition may yet prove very popular.  Not least since this campaign issue ties in so well with general resentment already over local government waste and scandalously high council tax bills."