Earlier this week ConservativeHome published Paul Goodman MP’s essay on how to act against Islamism.  In this morning’s Sunday Times Minette Marrin sets out her own formidable list of action points:

  1. "Silence all imams who break the law in their preaching with incitements to violence (the government’s record has been abysmal).
  2. Monitor all mosques; refuse visas to foreign imams who speak poor or no English (the government lost its nerve over this, as over so much).
  3. Control and monitor imams visiting prisons (the Prison Service is so shambolic that it is impossible to know whether all its 130 or so visiting imams have been security vetted).
  4. Segregate Islamist prisoners in jail (this is done in the best prisons but is out of control in the rest).
  5. Isolate radical Islamist prisoners (this is against the Human Rights Act).
  6. Stop them having internet access (not all prisons do).
  7. More widely, recognise that the problem now lies with “self-radicalisation” in suburban front rooms. Stop the creation of religious schools (Blair sold the pass on this).
  8. Monitor madrasah schools.
  9. Restrain the practice of importing brides and bridegrooms in arranged marriages from the Third World (this is well known to inhibit integration, but the government abolished the “primary purpose” rules preventing such marriages, presumably for electoral advantage); this could be done by following the Danish example of strict entry requirements and a minimum age of 24, which enables young people to choose more freely.
  10. Spend much more money monitoring young dual-passport Britons’ trips to Pakistan and deport them for attending training camps (these routes are watched but it is expensive and the Pakistani government is unable to help).
  11. Teach schoolchildren the facts about conditions in Muslim countries (as opposed to right-on grievances about the “black hole of Calcutta”).
  12. Teach them what happens in jails in Muslim states, compared with what has happened in Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo Bay.
  13. Teach schoolchildren and young adults what sharia involves.
  14. Stop listening to the so-called representative bodies of British Muslims, not least the Muslim Council of Britain.
  15. Require the government to reveal the names and CVs of its advisers on Islamic affairs.
  16. Censor the violent Islamist recruitment sites on the internet, including the insidious hip-hop and rap sites. America and even China manage it for different reasons."

I cannot help thinking that this is the sort of agenda that could win an election for our party.