An ICM survey for the Sunday Express finds that 56% of voters are unwilling to wait for Tony Blair to go in the summer and want him to leave now.  43% of Labour supporters want him to go now.

Mr Blair’s diminishing reputation has been further undermined by two more stories this weekend.

First is today’s News of the World story that three people are set to be charged in the cash-for-honours enquiry.  They are Lord Levy and the Downing Street head of government relations, Ruth Turner, and also the businessman Sir Christopher Evans who faces a charge under the 1925 Honours (Prevention of Abuse) Act because of his lending to Labour.  Evidence from the Prime Minister’s political secretary John McTernan "started the dominos falling," says the News of the World.

Meanwhile Welsh Tory MP David Davies is writing to the Prime Minister about yesterday’s Daily Mail revelation that Tony Blair has bought a fifth house – meaning likely mortgage debts of £5m when the Blairs’ current earnings could only justify borrowings of about £1.3m.  This is what Mr Davies tells The Sunday Telegraph:

"I find it astonishing that the Prime Minister feels the need for another house.  I don’t believe he can afford them on the basis of his current salary, and I assume he must have secured the mortgage on the basis of future earnings.  I will be writing to Downing Street to find out what public funds, if any, are being spent on the house."