ShadowcabinetdunnosJust over a year after they were appointed to the shadow cabinet, at least five of David Cameron’s top team are struggling to make an impression on Conservative Party members.

Struggling most are the shadow cabinet ministers with the portfolios for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  58% of Tory members are unable to say whether they are satisfied or dissatisfied with Shadow Scottish Secretary David Mundell.  57% have no opinion on Shadow Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan and 54% have no opinion on Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary David Lidington.  ConservativeHome has given some of the frontbenchers with the highest don’t know ratings the opportunity to describe their work on YourPlatform.  David Lidington – rightly described by Iain Dale as one of Parliament’s nicest MPs – takes up his opportunity today.  Cheryl Gillan and David Mundell have kindly agreed to post contributions over the next few days.

Opposition Chief Whip Patrick McLoughlin’s high dunno rating is particularly understandable.  His work of maintaining discipline in the parliamentary party is inevitably behind-the-scenes.  I regularly receive good reports on his handling of MPs.

The environment may have been a dominant issue for the Tories over the last year but 49% of Tories have no opinion of Peter Ainsworth.  The Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has been eclipsed by David Cameron’s leadership on this issue.

Chris Grayling, who appears to bring boundless energy to every task he is given, has one of the lowest don’t know ratings of the shadow cabinet’s new entrants.

98% of Tory members have an opinion of David Cameron and his three most senior shadow cabinet members.

You can see the faces of all of the shadow cabinet here.  1,917 people completed the December ConservativeHome survey o/w 1,090 were Conservative Party members.  The actual satisfaction/ dissatisfaction ratings will be published soon and the results of the other questions.

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