This is the headline question of an email sent by Nirj Deva MEP (Conservative, South East) to his regional colleague Ashley Mote MEP this afternoon.

Ashley_moteAshley was elected under the UKIP banner at the last election but soon lost its whip due to benefit fraud. For the last two and a half years he has been sitting in the European Parliament with a mix of unaffiliated MEPs who have now formalised themselves by creating the "’Identity, Tradition and Sovereignty" political grouping (although his homepage still says he is independent).

The ITS’ basic principles are largely agreeable, but they belie some very disagreeable member MEPs as Nirj’s email shows…

Dear Ashley,

I note, with much interest and dismay, that you have decided to join the European Parliament’s new ‘Identity, Tradition and Sovereignty’ group for the remainder of this Parliamentary term.

As a colleague in the South East region, would it be at all possible for you to answer the following questions regarding the new grouping?

  • Do you disagree with Jean-Marie Le Pen, the leader of the largest delegation in the ITS, that German occupation of parts of Europe “hadn’t been so inhumane” and that Gas Chambers were a “a point of detail of the Second World War”?
  • In common with your Fiamma Tricolore colleague in the ITS group, do your political priorities include fighting for a “better tomorrow, embodying the ideals of the Black Shirts of Alessandro Pavolini”?
  • Do you agree with ITS member Alessandra Mussolini that it is “better to be a fascist than a faggot” ("meglio fascista che frocio")?
  • Do you share the view of the leader of the Bulgarian Attack Coalition (IST members) Volen Siderov, that Jews have been plundering the world financial markets through evoking financial speculation for thousands of years?
  • Do you agree with Walter Ochensberger, a member of the IST-affiliated Austrian Freedom Party, that a “secret world government” exists comprised of “the Zionists, the terrorist state of Israel and the blackmail of Jewish organizations”?
  • Is Dimitar Stoyanov, a member of the Bulgarian delegation to the IST, correct in saying that there are “prettier Gypsies” in Bulgaria than our Parliamentary colleague Lívia Járóka? 
  • How are you able to reconcile British patriotism (which I share in my Euroscepticism and reluctance to sit with the EPP) with your choice to align yourself with the very same people who this country fought against in the Second World War?
  • Are you saying that those millions of British soldiers who died in the defence of our freedoms were wrong and that Winston Churchill was incorrect to fight the fascism you have now embraced?

Kind regards,

Member of the European Parliament for South East England

To think the proposed conservative grouping in the European Parliament was deemed by some in the media to be far-right!

Deputy Editor

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