The first report from the Conservatives’ national and international security group was somewhat underwhelming but today’s heavily-trailed report does not pull its punches (Guardian and BBC).  Hot-on-the-heels of David Cameron’s likening of BNP supporters and supporters of sharia law, the N&ISG will strongly question the Muslim Council of Britain‘s credibility in representing Muslim opinion in Britain.  The MCB has long enjoyed strong support from the Government as the leading voice for British Muslims but it and similar groups are "keener to promote ideologies than the totality of the communities they claim to represent," according to Pauline Neville-Jones of the N&ISG.  The MCB has been criticised for its support for Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, an apologist for suicide bombing in Israel.

The report is heavily critical of multiculturalism and calls for a much greater focus on integration than the nurturing of separate identities:

"As Muslim communities enter the third generation of settlement in this country, and in circumstances where a rapidly rising proportion have been educated here, it is anomalous and patronising to individuals to treat them indirectly as members of a group and not directly as citizens in their own individual right on a par with other voters.  Political ghettoisation is the wrong route.  We recommend that an incoming Conservative government moves in the opposite direction: to bring as many Muslims as possible as rapidly as possible into the mainstream of British life on an individual basis equal with that of their fellow non-Muslim citizens."

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