Communicateresearch_2January’s Communicate Research survey for The Independent shows a big changearound in LibDem and Labour support.  The LibDem rating is up 7% and Labour’s rating is down 8%.  Mike Smithson at detects a possible change in methodology at Communicate Research.

The Tory lead of 6.25% in the ConservativeHome Poll of Polls looks the healthiest for some time.

Within the Communicate Research numbers we learn that the support of core Tory supporters is strongest.  82% of people who regard themselves as "natural Tories" intend to support David Cameron at the next General Election.  The LibDems enjoy the support of 80% of their "natural supporters" but the Labour rating is just 64%.  Yesterday’s rearrest of Lord Levy and Guido Fawkes’ probing of the Smith Institute as a "Brownite front" aren’t going to help that number.  Iain Dale has produced a documentary on the Smith Institute for 18 Doughty Street – watch it here.

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