52.8% of listeners voted for repeal of the Hunting Act.  29.7% agreed with Dan Hannan’s recommendation of repealing the European Communities Act.  The full result is here.

This vote continues the excellent tradition of Today listeners
upsetting the Today programme’s editors.  However many times the Today
programme changes the nature of its New Year competition the listeners
keep voting in a small ‘c’ conservative way.

Today dropped its long-standing Personality of the Year contest after John Major won the award – even after having 4,000 votes subtracted from the then PM’s tally and during one of the trough periods for Tory popularity.  Today then enlisted Labour MP Stephen Pound to champion a listener’s law but the idea had to be abandoned when the "bastard" listeners voted for ‘Tony Martin’s law’ – a law that would allow householders to defend their property with any means.

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