"Britain’s leader of the opposition isn’t a typical alpha male. He’s the
kind of guy who pauses before biting into a muffin. "I really
shouldn’t," he says during a day of campaigning in Scotland. "I’m fat."
That’s not true, but like many an Englishman who ingested stodgy food
at boarding school, David Cameron, 40, the leader of Britain’s
Conservative Party, lacks sharp angles. His telegenic appeal has
propelled the Tories to a consistent lead in opinion polls for the
first time since Tony Blair’s 1997 victory. That has infused Britain’s
Conservatives with a sensation so unfamiliar, they barely recognize it:
optimism. Giddy at this turn of fortune, some are already mythologizing
the man behind it. Iain Dale, who writes a Conservative blog, speaks of
Cameron’s "Kennedyesque glamour." Cameron and his wife Samantha-the
daughter of a baronet, who sports a tattoo of a dolphin on her
ankle-are among London’s most sought-after party guests. Says Gregory
Barker, a Tory M.P. and member of Cameron’s campaign team: "People
sniff Camelot."

So begins a feature on David Cameron in this week’s TIME magazine.  The full Q&A is here.

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