A MORI poll for The Sun shows that Cameron is liked more than Brown on a personal level, but that the number of people who like Cameron and the Conservatives (19%) are fewer than those who like Brown and Labour (25%).

Today’s Sun Says, says:

"TODAY’S MORI poll for The Sun makes sobering reading for David Cameron. If he thinks he can sweep the Tories to power just by being more likeable than Gordon Brown he’s got another think [sic] coming. Voters DO prefer him, but would still vote Labour over the Tories. People have long memories — especially of Conservative debacles like Black Wednesday, when interest rates went through the roof. Cameron has a long way to go."

Cameron_kingThe poll’s findings suggest that Cameron’s team should make more use of his Shadow Cabinet and the wider Party, to ensure that the perceptions of "change" aren’t limited to the leader . The leadership of the Conservative Party is still often referred to as the Cameron "project" or "experiment" as if it is a seperate entity to the Party.

Indeed, making a big deal of "forcing" women candidates, environmentalism etc on the Party may well have worsened perceptions of Conservatives. There needs to be a sense of the Party evolving as one unit, at the moment people just think its head has mutated.

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