ConservativeHome understands that Shadow Defence Secretary Liam Fox has been ordered to tone down his neoconservative views and row in behind William Hague’s line on the war in Iraq and the threat posed by Iran. Dr Fox, perhaps the most hawkish member of David Cameron’s team, has long argued that it would be irresponsible to take the military option off the table in the west’s attempt to stop Iran gaining a nuclear weapon. That is also the official shadow cabinet view but the Tory leadership do not want any attention drawn to the issue. We gather he was called in to see David Cameron and William Hague this week and told in no uncertain terms to stop – what was described to Conservative Home as ‘freelancing.’

The party leader and Shadow Foreign Secretary were also concerned at criticisms of Poland and Hungary attributed to Dr Fox. See Guido Fawkes’ report here.

This news follows yesterday’s dove-ish response from William Hague to President Bush’s troops surge.

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