It’s not only the Scots that want independence according to polling… the English are increasingly keen too.  It is a shame, therefore, that a Telegraph leading article defending the Union only appears in its Scottish editions (with its 30,000 sales).  The case for The Union also needs to be made south of the border.  Here is a key extract from the leader:

"Today, the Union ensures Britain’s place among the powers, as the world’s fifth economy and fourth military force. Yes, there are problems with the current devolution settlement, but these can be stitched up under local anaesthetic without major surgery. Fiscal autonomy in Scotland would end resentment over the Barnett formula; the decentralisation of power to English counties and cities would solve the West Lothian Question. There is no need to break a Union which, in lifting its constituent peoples out of parochialism, renders them a force for freedom and justice in the world."

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