The Shadow Cabinet’s flying visit to Scotland has sparked a host of comments highlighting just how long the road is to success in the country. Annabel Goldie and Scotland’s "Vichy Tories" come in for heavy criticism, whilst no solutions are expected from the Conservative Party at large.

Douglas Friedli shadows George Osborne for Scotland on Sunday, and concludes that like the rest of Cameron’s team he is an Englishman who doesn’t understand Scotland and is just hoping to pick up some protest votes.

Brian Monteith MSP writes a typically pointed piece in the Sunday Herald about the dinosaur Conservative MSPs heading for electoral defeat.

Ruaridh Nicoll in The Observer reluctantly concludes that Scotland needs a revitalised Conservative party, prescribing an anti-aristocratic instinct and reaching out to small businessmen.

Gerald Warner in Scotland on Sunday accuses Scottish Conservatives of "craven capitulation" and their MSPs of mostly being in politics for money. He bemoans how "Scotland’s Vichy Tories" and muddles over devolution have led to a single-ideology society.

Iain Macwhirter in the Sunday Herald believes that the Conservatives need a "new philosophical direction to meet the tenor of the times", and that at the moment they’re too preoccupied with soundbites and talk of political alliances.

Annabel Goldie’s flagship policy this week, a £100million drug rehabilitation programme, barely gets a mention other than a cynical comment about taxpayers’ money going to supplying methadone. Neither is there much comment about how great it is the Shadow Cabinet have spent time to cross the border.

Sadly, it’s hard to see if the trip had any positive effects whatsoever.

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