Some reaction to yesterday’s revelation that Ruth Kelly is sending one of her children to a £15,000-a-year special needs school.

The Sun: "Millions of hard-working families must take what’s on offer on their own doorstep — and many see their kids emerge barely able to read and write or add up properly.  Not oddball Ruth Kelly, though.  She effectively admits the state education system, that until recently she managed, is — like the Home Office — not fit for purpose.  For some reason, neither the Tories nor the Lib-Dems will condemn this cant.  The Sun has no such hesitation.  In our view, Ruth Kelly is a fully fledged, ocean-going, two-faced hypocrite who is unfit for this or any other Cabinet."

Dominic Lawson in The Independent: "As it happens, no one can find anything that Ruth Kelly has said which allows them to label her a hypocrite. The most that can be said is that her actions demonstrate what Labour Cabinet ministers refuse to admit: that no matter how much public money is spent on the educational system, there will always be parents who cannot find what they want for their children in the state sector. Gordon Brown has declared that he intends to raise the money spent per child in state schools to the level that obtains in the private sector. I would welcome that; not least because it should then no longer be possible for the supporters of the comprehensive system to argue that only lack of funding lies behind the gulf in quality between the state and private sectors."

David Cameron: "Some people are going to say it’s hypocrisy. Well, if they were going to abolish private education then it would be hypocrisy but they’re not.  People should recognise that politicians like everyone else are parents first and will act in the best interests of their children."

Iain Dale: "I don’t blame Ruth Kelly for doing what is best for her child. That’s what any responsible parent would do. But she should answer this question: what would someone do if they didn’t have the financial resources to pay £15,000 to a prep school? She would also have been wiser to have released this information herself. She must have known it would emerge in the end. These things always do."

Guido Fawkes: "Ruth Kelly’s local schools are amongst the worst in the country, frankly Guido is surprised she risks sending any of her kids to the local school."

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