LibconpactThe January edition of ConservativeHome’s monthly survey of readers’ opinions is now online.  Please click here to have your say.

In addition to the regular tracking questions we are seeking your opinions on the possibilities of co-operation between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives.  Many senior Conservatives have talked up the possibilities of co-operation between the two main opposition parties and current opinion polls point to the real possibility of a hung parliament.  Only last week this was what key Cameron ally Michael Gove said during a Commons Committee discussion of the Greater London Authority Bill:

"I notice that the hon. Member for Carshalton and Wallington [LibDem MP Tom Brake] flinched slightly when I suggested that Liberal-Conservative co-operation was the future. I acknowledge that such a view is not shared by all Liberal Democrats, but I am informed that more cerebral Liberal Democrats see it as the path to the future."

This month’s ConservativeHome poll gives rank-and-file Tory members an opportunity to say what they think about the possible path to greater Lib-Con co-operation.

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