David Cameron asked why Home Office Minister Joan Ryan hadn’t been sacked following the overseas criminal offences failure. Ministers should ask questions about the letters that civil servants asked them to sign, he said, rather than behaving like "giant franking machines."

Mr Cameron also raised the right of schools to insist on rules on uniform.  He was speaking after a Doncaster school’s school uniform policy had been undermined.  The Prime Minister said that schools should have the right to set an independent uniform policy.

A backbench Tory MP (not sure who), Jeremy Wright, raised the 18 Doughty Street interview from last night in which former Downing Street spinman Lance Price suggested that Tony Blair himself might have been the source of the ‘Brown is psychologically flawed’ story (Iain Dale’s Diary).  The Prime Minister said that he did not think Brown had psychological flaws.

Also raised was the developing issue of alleged racism towards Indian Big Brother star, Shilpa Shetty.

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