Reacting to Lt Gen Freddie Viggers’ admission that the accommodation for service families is of a poor standard the Shadow Defence Secretary Liam Fox has said:

"There is an unspoken understanding that when we send people out to fight and potentially die in our name, that our part of the bargain is to make sure that they and their families are properly looked after.  If they’re not getting the appropriate accommodation, that’s up to standards that they believe are adequate, they believe that contract has been broken, and are more likely to leave the armed forces."

Viggers’ intervention follows a series of other statements by senior military officers of the huge overstretch problems facing Britain’s armed forces (here and here and here).

On this morning’s Today programme the Tory leader David Cameron promised to bring forward a ‘manifesto’ for service families.  "They do so much for us and, frankly, we should do more for them," he said.

2pm update: Tory press statement on manifesto for armed forces families

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