The Sunday Mirror has reported that David Cameron is "relaxed" about licensing cannabis for medical purposes if the scientific evidence is there to justify such a move.  The report is based on an answer Mr Cameron gave to a question to his WebCameron site.  The Conservative leader rejected a wider decriminalisation of cannabis – saying that it would only increase availability still further and that it was already difficult enough for parents to keep their children away from drugs.  A recent report from the party’s social justice policy group pointed to the strong link between cannabis use and destructive behaviour.  He repeated his belief that drugs policy should be based on more education – particularly delivered by victims of drug use – and rehabilitation.  On a previous occasion Mr Cameron has refused to rule out shooting galleries.

Also in the latest set of answers to the ‘AskDavid section of WebCameron’, Mr Cameron said that, although he voted against the smoking ban, it was now a settled issue and he did not favour overturning it.  He also spoke out against proportional representation.  Our current system of first-past-the-post elections ensured a direct link between the electorate and their member of parliament, he said, and enabled decisive changes of government – of the kind seen in 1997.

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