"The Government can’t plan. Ministers are treading water. They are all waiting for the Chancellor and not listening to you.  Your authority is draining away. Why don’t you accept what everybody knows – it is now in the national interest for you to go."

In a very confident PMQs performance David Cameron called on Tony Blair to quit.  He began by saying that the Home Office had long-term problems but was being governed by a short-term CEO and his appointments.  Long-term problems demanded a stable Government, he continued, and the Prime Minister could not supply that stability.  It’s all over, the Tory leader said to Tony Blair, noting that Labour deputy leadership candidates were openly questioning his foreign policy and other frontbenchers were disowning the impact of Government policy on local hospitals.  "It’s now in the national interest for you to go," he concluded.  Tony Blair – unconvincingly – reeled off statistics about his Government’s record but did not and could not address the problem of his lame duck status.

Ming Campbell invited the Prime Minister to consider wholesale reform of rape laws.

David Heathcoat-Amory asked about Angela Merkel’s backdoor attempts to revive the Constitution.  Tony Blair  failed to criticise these attempts but rounded on Mr Heathcoat-Amory for his "antiquated" views on Europe.  He later attacked David Cameron for wanting to take Britain out of the EU’s job-destroying Social Chapter.

SNP leader Alex Salmond raised the issue of cash-for-honours – implying that it will be the Nixon-like attempt at a cover-up that will sink the Prime Minister.

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