This, according to the Press Association, is what David Cameron has just said on Radio 4’s Today programme about the gay adoption row between the Catholic Church and the Government:

"I shall vote for the regulations, because I think it is right to have in this country clear rules against discrimination… On the issue of the Catholic adoption agencies, I don’t think personally that it is right to give them a block exemption from the law, because otherwise we will have other people wanting block exemptions from the law.  I think we really need to find a decent compromise, because we want to keep the Catholic adoption agencies. They do a fantastic job in placing hard-to-place children.  I think, for instance, giving them three to four extra years to comply with the law will give them time to work out solutions such as twinning with other adoption agencies."

Editor’s note: "Yesterday ConservativeHome identified "a deep and unresolved tension between David Cameron saying that he wants public policy to encourage more faith-based social action but then hesitating to support the freedom of faith-based groups to behave authentically."  The hesitation has stopped and David Cameron has decided to put gay rights ahead of religious freedom.  This is a deeply disappointing retreat from religious liberty and a hammer blow to his appeal to the churches to accept government money in return for delivering more social action.  Cameron’s message is basically: ‘Come and accept taxpayers’ money for your community work but be warned that we’ll be asking for a few changes to your biblical beliefs.’  Fortunately Tory voters have a better understanding of what’s at stake.  By 57% to 30% they favour an exemption for Catholic charities."

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