BirminghamTonight’s Birmingham Mail is reporting that a £2m subsidy has almost certainly won the 2008 Conservative Party Conference for Birmingham.  Birmingham City Council – run by a Tory-LibDem coalition – apparently calculate
that the wooing of the Tory conference will generate £25m for the local economy.

Birmingham replaces Bournemouth after Francis Maude’s fury at last year’s passes scandal.  The party will see the decision as part of its commitment to a region with lots of crucial marginal seats.

Conference-goers will probably pay a premium for the decision.  Accommodation costs in city locations tend to be higher than in seaside resorts.

8.30am update on 31/1: I am reliably informed that the monument pictured above was destroyed by fire a few years ago.  It has not been missed by anyone but a few of the Labour ideologues that erected it when they ran Britain’s second city.

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