18ds_img_campaignhq18 Doughty Street has a new website this afternoon.  It’s not 100% finished – there’ll be additional features rolling out over the coming fortnight – but it’s a major improvement on the previous version.  The new site is overviewed here (in text form) and by me here (in video form).  The Talk TV section is much easier to navigate and there are two new sections – one dedicated to news and another to campaigning.

The Campaigns HQ section will produce a short political commercial each and every week.  The focus will be on issues neglected by the mainstream parties.  The ads will launch at 11am every Tuesday lunchtime and the first on tax will be launched virally next week.  The second campaign focuses on the possibility of still more state funding of political parties.  The innovative characteristic of these weekly campaign commercials will be the democratic, blog-led way in which they are designed.  That process is described here and you can submit your ideas for the first campaign here.