For once Radio 4’s Today programme is not demanding more spending of taxpayers’ money or other forms of state activism but it is seeking listeners’ views on the repeal of legislation.  Archbishop Cranmer is supporting Daniel Hannan’s call for the repeal of the European Communities Act 1972.  Dan makes the case (again) in today’s Telegraph:

"For the privilege of having our democracy traduced, our businesses asphyxiated, our resources plundered, our trade balance debauched and our older, trans-continental friendships scorned, we are paying Brussels £12 billion every year — enough to abolish inheritance tax and capital gains tax and still have enough left over to scrap stamp duty."

Vote here.

And once you’ve finishing voting on that site do take part in BBC1’s Politics Show’s ‘political hero vote’.  Tony Benn is currently nearly 3% ahead of Mrs Thatcher.  Your vote could make the difference…

And then, of course, there’s ConservativeHome’s own monthly survey!!

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