Following on from last week’s review of the peaks, troughs, modernising and reassurance moments of David Cameron’s first year, ConservativeHome spends today proposing twelve actions that will help Project Cameron to make the best of its second year and build upon the modest 3% Tory lead in ConservativeHome’s poll of polls.

Recommendation 1: The Conservative Party has been an imbalanced project for far too long.  At the last General Election Michael Howard focused far too much on immigration and reinforced a negative image of the Conservative Party.  In his first year as Tory leader David Cameron has placed a heavy emphasis on very different themes – notably the environment and increasing the number of female candidates.  The danger is that the ‘new’ Conservative Party looks as imbalanced as the ‘old’ Conservative Party.  Every ‘Waitrose voter‘ gained is erased by the ‘Bromley voter‘ who stays at home.  The south and ABs warm to Cameron as the north and C2s cool.  ConservativeHome welcomes David Cameron’s greener, gentler conservatism but the ‘politics of and‘ argues that we must also talk about crime and tax and immigration.  There have been welcome signs in recent days that David Cameron is rebalancing the Tory message and is offering some grittier positioning.  More than anything else the party must work on its homeland security credentials.  Homeland security is the coming issue.  It is almost inevitable that Britain will be struck again and again in future years by acts of terrorism.  The Conservative Party must not be weaker than Labour on this issue.  Prosperity and security, as John Howard understands, is the fundamental ‘politics of and’.

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