Year222_3Recommendation 3: According to yesterday’s Times 66% of voters do not believe that David Cameron has put a stop to “the Punch and Judy politics of Westminster: the name-calling, backbiting, point-scoring and finger-pointing”.  Part of the reason for this might be the fact that both David Cameron and George Osborne have been guilty of some pretty obvious ‘Punchy and Judy’ politics (see here and here).  The Tory leadership need to be above personal attack and handwriting analysis.  More attention needs to be focused on the Chancellor’s dismal record (economic competitiveness, the tax burden, social justice and waste).  Going forward Gordon Brown is likely to emphasise security, The Union, housing and skills.  Two of David Cameron’s most capable frontbenchers hold the housing and skills portfolios – Michael Gove and John Hayes.  Strong policies in both of those areas  will be vital to neutralising Brown’s likely appeal.

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