Recommendation 2: Over the last year David Cameron has moved the party on to the centre ground of British politics and he’s been careful to build bridges with people that have turned away from the Conservative Party of recent times.  The most notable outreach has been to public sector workers.  David Cameron has often appeared at pains to avoid offending anyone (other than Simon Heffer).  We saw more steel from the Tory leader earlier this week in his unequivocal defence of marriage.  We need to see much more of the same.  Two of the world’s most interesting politicians – Australia’s John Howard and America’s John McCain – have built their reputations on straight-talking.  They’ve been willing to adopt unpopular positions if they think the national interest demands it.  Their popularity has only grown as a result.  Voters won’t want another Blair at the next election.   The voters who are threatening to emigrate from Britain in huge numbers don’t want a politician who stands with the British establishment.  They want a politician with the guts to overturn the status quo where that establishment is failing most.

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