90% of respondents to a recent Theos-commissioned survey said they thought Christmas was too commercialised but there seems little, if anything, the government can do about it.

Roger Gale MP – a strong supporter of the Keep Sunday Special campaign – has one way. He is urging a reassessment off the Sunday Trading Laws to account for Christmas Eve falling on Sundays:

"The large stores may be prepared to "bend" the law to extend shopping hours by introducing "browsing time " and "checking out time" but that is simply based upon retail greed and flies in the face of the spirit of the law. We had to re-visit the Act to deal with the days when Christmas Day falls on a weekday and we will have to look again at how to plug what is clearly a loophole in the law."

It would certainly be a great thing if retail workers had more time with their families and friends on Christmas Eve, although it’d mean people like me will have to get a little bit more organised!

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