Both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats are preparing for the possibility of Gordon Brown calling a snap General Election should he become Labour leader and enjoy a honeymoon boost in the polls (BBC).  On Classic FM yesterday, David Cameron said:

"Tony Blair said at the last election he would serve a full term, so when he goes, no subsequent Labour prime minister can really in their heart claim to have a mandate from the British people.  So it would be right actually to hold a general election as soon as is reasonably possible, because the British people thought they were electing Tony Blair.  He’s off. Someone new is coming. They need a mandate."

Ming Campbell, meanwhile, has conducted a mini-reshuffle of his frontbench team and has put Steve Webb in charge of drawing up a manifesto.  Mr Webb wrote a thoughtful essay on family policy for the Orange Book and the LibDems are today promising a Couple’s Premium to address the unfairnesses that people on low income can face when they move in together.

Last September a GFK/NOP survey for The Observer revealed that 56% of voters would like to see Gordon Brown go to the country within six months of becoming Labour leader.

The Conservative Party has chosen over 100 candidates for some of its most marginal seats and is probably financially better-equipped for a General Election than Labour.  Or, perhaps, that should be less indebted!

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