ConservativeHome has already noted The Telegraph’s increased friendliness to Project Cameron.  New Editor Will Lewis put a much more positive spin on a recent YouGov poll than his predecessor, for example.  Stephen Glover, writing his regular media column for The Independent, made similar points on Monday.  Mr Glover puts much of it down to a recent visit by David Cameron to the Channel Islands home of The Telegraph’s owners, the Barclay brothers.  Mr Cameron is publicly critical of Simon Heffer but is apparently more concerned at the negativity of Jeff Randall, The Telegraph’s respected Business Editor.  Mr Randall knows David Cameron from his time at Carlton, selling ITV Digital and does not remember him fondly.  He recently derided the Conservative leader as Camera-on.

The last two days appear to confirm the ConservativeHome/ Glover view.  On two successive days the leader columns have been very generous towards the Tory leader.  Today the newspaper described Mr Cameron’s warning of a snap general election as "deft."  "The Tory leader has picked his moment well," the newspaper continued.   Yesterday’s rather dull report from the security report apparently evidenced "intellectual clarity and an assured geopolitical grasp."

The re-emergence of the Telegraph as the Torygraph comes at a time when the Daily Mail has also been more positive.  It gave a strong welcome to last week’s Tory report on marriage although Mail insiders tell ConservativeHome that Editor Paul Dacre’s fondness for Gordon Brown will mean that the newspaper will always host decent opportuinities for the Chancellor to reach its readers.

The political mood over at Mount Murdoch remains difficult to read but the Conservative leadership will be pleased that the traditionally right-wing press may be beginning to shift a little more Torywards.

The Observer’s Ned Temko recently analysed David Cameron’s relationship with the right-wing press.

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