David Cameron began by quoting the next US Defence Secretary’s assessment that the coalition is currently losing the war in Iraq.  The Tory leader said that Tony Blair should be talking more honestly to the British people and not waiting on the US Government to lead opinion.  Sir Ming’s questioning was very similar.  Unusually the LibDem leader summoned up real passion in his questions and put it to the Prime Minister that Britain had virtually no say in policy towards Iraq and that all decisions were taken in Washington.  Tony Blair promised that Britain was determined to defeat the terrorists wherever they threatened Britain’s national interests.  He said it had been in the national interest to topple Saddam Hussein and to stand with America in the post-9/11 world.

Following up on yesterday’s ‘back to basics message on education’ Mr Cameron’s second set of questions focused on education and failures in primary and secondary schooling.

The best line came from a Labour backbencher – wondering if Tony Blair could bring ‘our boys home by Christmas’… he wasn’t referring to our overstrectched troops in Basra but our cricketers in Australia.  Classic image in today’s Sun btw on the Ashes’ ‘wombles’.

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