Satisfactionwithcameron_1As reported in The Observer, the latest survey of the ConservativeHome Members’ Panel has identified a sharp increase in dissatisfaction with the Tory leader.  Although 67% of members are satisfied with his performance (26% very satisfied, 41% fairly), the number dissatisfied has increased from 24% to 32% over the last month.  15% of this dissatisfied number are ‘very dissatisfied’.

A full 43% of members think that the party has gone too far in modernising the party and distancing itself from traditional policies.  47% think the pace and extent of change has been about right.  11% want David Cameron to go further.

The survey, which received more than 2,000 responses, took place after the controversy over Polly Toynbee, the ‘Tosser within’ advertising campaign and a couple of opinion polls that saw the Tories behind in the opinion polls.  Dissatisfaction with David Cameron appears to be rooted in the leader’s failure to address core issues of concern to party members but many members appear willing to forgive this failure when the party’s opinion poll position improves.

Editor’s comment: "Even amongst the dissatisfied I sense little appetite for a change of leadership.   What members are doing through a survey like this is registering a protest at the direction of the party and the leadership’s unwillingness to talk about the range of issues that worry the public."

>>> More results of the survey will be published later.

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