David Cameron confirms his Crunchy Conservative credentials with a speech on the importance of high quality food – enjoyed together.  A pdf of the full text of short speech can be read here
(I read it whilst tucking into a sausage sandwich from my local greasy spoon) but here is a key extract:

"Food matters to public health, with the impact of rising obesity on the NHS.  It matters in education, with the impact of sugary food and drink on children’s behaviour and attentiveness.  It matters in our family and community lives, as microwave ‘meals for one’ replace cooked meals around the table with family or friends.  It matters to our countryside, as small local producers struggle to compete with large multinationals.  And it matters greatly to the environment – not least because of the carbon emissions that come from air-freighting food around the world."

Mr Cameron was addressing the launch of Slow Food UK.  I can’t find their website but the website of Slow Food USA is here.

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