In this morning’s Independent Steve Richards notes that some Cabinet ministers think Britain is essentially a right-wing country whilst some Conservative MPs – defeated three times in a row – believe that Britain leans left.  A YouGov opinion poll does place the British people – very narrowly on the right.  Left-of-centre parties – the Liberal Democrats and Labour – have nonetheless won well over 50% of the vote for the last two decades and more.  Although that same YouGov opinion poll suggests that many people who have voted for Tony Blair probably see him on the right of the political spectrum.

When it comes to crime, immigration and Euroscepticism the British people increasingly share the views of the conservative press although being sceptical about Europe isn’t necessarily a right-wing view.  But right-and-left may not mean so much anymore.  ConservativeHome’s dictionary notes that the real divides are increasingly between localists and centralists… security hawks and civil libertarians… social permissives and moral conservatives… multilateralists and active interventionists…

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