In the first of a few ten point guides to David Cameron’s first year as Tory leader, ConservativeHome looks at the ‘ten peaks’ of the last twelve months…

  1. One day after becoming leader, David Cameron shone at PMQs and produced his memorable ‘You were the future once’ line against Tony Blair.  He also started as he meant to go on with questions about climate change and attacks on Punch and Judy politics (Punch’s stick to be readopted later).
  2. Cameron’s election gave the Tories an immediate lead in the opinion polls
    and reasonable leads continue for most of his first year.  At the end
    of twelve months of Project Cameron the ConservativeHome Poll of Polls
    gives the Tories a 3.75% lead.
  3. The Cameron effect (with a little help from Mr Johnnie Walker) sees Charles Kennedy resign as LibDem leader.
  4. In January David Cameron was named as the 92nd most sexy man in the world.  David Cameron continually took the party into territory it had long struggled to win – a good interview in GQ, an invite to David Beckham’s World Cup party, that Jonathan Ross interview and a top ranking from TimeOut illustrated why the Conservative leader became Britain’s most wanted party guest (according to Tatler, anyway).
  5. A constant ability to confuse Labour.  From the beginning Labour
    have struggled to find the right critique of David Cameron and his
    Project.  Labour’s lowest point came with the Chameleon Dave campaign and a poll that likened the Blairs to a snake and a leech.
  6. The passage of Tony Blair’s Education Bill was only secured with Tory support.
  7. Labour’s triple whammy Wednesday
    saw Charles Clarke (prisoner release scandal), Patricia Hewitt (jeered
    by nurses) and John Prescott (adulterous affair) gift the Tories a huge
    advantage for the local elections.
  8. The local council results which saw big gains at Labour’s expense (particularly in London) and no progress for the becalmed LibDems.
  9. The next best day comes in September with the meltdown in the leadership of Tony Blairthe Conservative Party’s deadliest political opponent – and Cameron’s astute non-reaction.
  10. David Cameron’s commitment to the environment saw the issue
    propelled to the top of the British political agenda (and was recognised at
    the ConservativeHome Awards).

Other ten point guides will focus on modernising and then reassurance moments; ‘troughs’ and memorable quotes.

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