I don’t know if many of you are logging on to WebCameron but I’ve started to visit it most days and I think it is shaping up into something very important and powerful.  I could imagine it being accessed by huge numbers of voters during election campaign time and it could be a powerful way of rebutting Labour attacks.

Webcameron has certainly been very well executed:

  • It’s easy to access – none of the features are too long.
  • It’s very topical – the video below, for example, was recorded immediately after Wednesday’s clash with the Speaker.
  • David Cameron comes over very well – personable and in touch.
  • It allows the leader to communicate directly with grassroots activists and others – bypassing the mainstream media and its soundbite limitations.

I only have one very small criticism and that’s the somewhat shallow handling of visitors’ questions.  One blog was even headed with "David takes time out from another busy day to answer some more of your questions" – almost implying that we should be grateful for him answering our questions! 

What do you think of WebCameron?

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