Post-Falklands Margaret Thatcher once fought ‘the enemy within’ (Scargillite militancy)… Cameron’s Conservatives are fighting ‘the tosser within’ (the conniving parasite who apparently lives inside all of us – encouraging us to get into terrible debt).  ‘The tosser within’ is the star of the first video on the Conservative Party’s new social responsibility website –  It builds on the ideas just announced by George Osborne to tackle the huge problem of personal indebtedness.  The website declares:

"We’ve decided that rather than doing what political parties have always done – criticising each other and making promises about what they would do if they got elected – we’d like to try and make a difference now. Why should we wait until we’re in government to start changing things?  That’s the idea behind To create an online home for a whole bunch of issues, with practical things that you can do to make a difference.  We’ve kicked things off with the issue of personal debt, and will add other issues on a regular basis."

You can read all about the purpose of the site here and watch the first video here.

ConservativeHome think it’s a terrific idea – as well executed as WebCameron and helpful in bringing alive the Tory commitment to tackle social problems such as personal debt.

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