In early September a cross-party committee of MPs issued a report on rising anti-Semitism.  The Conservative Party has now formally responded to the report  with a number of commitments.  The party believes that there should be…

  • Intensified cooperation between the Police and the Community Security Trust;
  • Better protection from Police for synagogues and other Jewish institutions from Antisemitic attacks;
  • More work to curb extremist Islamist activities on university campuses;
  • Condemnation of organisations that refuse to participate in Holocaust Memorial Day (which has included the Muslim Council of Britain);
  • Further social action projects to inform and educate the British public about the Holocaust.

Robert H Halfon of Conservative Friends of Israel welcomed the response and, in particular, Francis Maude’s commitment to hold no truck with any candidate who espouses or has Antisemitic views.  Relations between CFoI and the party became quite difficult in the summer when David Cameron and William Hague criticised Israel’s "disproportionate" response to the Lebanon crisis.  Since then the relationship has improved and the Tory leadership took swift action against a frontbencher who compared Israeli behaviour to that of the Nazis.

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