SextraffickingadThe Conservative Party has launched this poster today as part of a new campaign against human trafficking.  The Guardian has a full report on William Hague’s remarks at the campaign’s launch but here is a key extract from his speech:

"Human trafficking is an extreme example of the violation and abuse of the rights of an individual.  And yet it is being carried out on a terrifying scale throughout the world.  The prevailing economic disparities, social attitudes and law-enforcement vacuums that allows vulnerable groups of women to be suppressed in this way is also conducive to the suffering of a whole range of other injustices in family, working, community and political life.  We must tackle these problems in order to secure a brighter future for thousands of women around the world, which will, in turn, advance the security, freedoms and prosperity of us all."

Related link: ConservativeHome readers recently approved Andrew Gilbert’s idea that Britain should ratify the Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings.

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