HaguepaysdearlyThe Times, trawling through the new Register of Members’ Interests, reveals that William Hague’s income has dropped by £600,000 since he became Shadow Foreign Secretary.  That massive drop in income for Parliament’s biggest earner still leaves Mr Hague with a £400,000 income, however.

Labour MP and former Europe minister Denis McShane criticised Mr Hague for his outside interests and called for the Tory leader to appoint a full-time foreign affairs spokesman:

“[William Hague’s] obsession with earning zillions may impress his business chums, but it’s not serious politics. Most MPs will be goggle-eyed with jealousy, but David Cameron should appoint someone who is prepared to do the job full time.”

Mr Hague is also completing a biography of anti-slavery campaigner William Wilberforce.

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