At this lunchtime’s Political Studies Association awards event Mark Gill of MORI presented the results of a survey of nearly 300 academics.  We learnt that Gordon Brown was rated the best Chancellor and Norman Lamont the worst.

Perhaps most interesting (but unsurprising) was the finding that academics clearly leaned to Gordon Brown when asked whether the Chancellor or the Tory leader would be the most capable Prime Minister.  49% chose Gordon Brown and only 14% chose David Cameron.  This 35% lead amongst PSA academics contrasts with a 7% lead amongst the public, Gill noted.

Predictionspreferences_1MORI also asked the academics about their expectations of the outcome of the next General Election.  Those are given in the box on the right (click on image to enlarge).  The outcome preferred by the academics is a tiny bit more left-leaning than their predictions!

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Wednesday morning update: Peter Riddell has written about this survey in today’s Times.

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