Britain’s nuclear deterrent is back in the news with this morning’s Independent reporting that Tony Blair is "bouncing" the Cabinet into accepting a replacement for Trident.  In the above 18 Doughty Street video clip you can watch me interviewing Liam Fox about nuclear deterrence and my own belief that we need to put the whole idea of missile defence back on to the nation’s agenda.  Although missile defence offers no guaranteed way of protecting ourselves I believe it’s the obvious response to the danger of nuclear proliferation – a danger that worldleaders have largely closed their eyes to.  There are, of course, unresolved technological  issues but there have been successful missile intercepts and sustained investment might mean we become able to protect civilisation from a limited and more unsophisticated attack.  The Michael Ramirez cartoon below captures Ronald Reagan’s visionary understanding of this issue and indicts the subsequent political leaders who have dragged their feet on delivering on that vision…

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