CONSERVATIVEHOME AWARDS NEXT MONDAY EVENING: Next Monday ConservativeHome will be presenting awards to some of the individuals and groups who are advancing conservative thinking and ideas.  Those people who have already booked tickets will be receiving venue information tomorrow.  If you would like to join the awards evening please click here for more information and to pay for your £10 ticket.  There are about thirty tickets left.

HAVE YOUR SAY: Please click here if you haven’t completed this month’s ConservativeHome survey of grassroots opinion.

OCTOBER TRAFFIC: October was a record month for ConservativeHome.  The 170,324 unique visitors amounted to an 11.9% increase on September and a 3.6% increase on the previous record month of August.   During October there were 481,099  reloads.

COMMENTS POLICY: A larger number of people than usual have recently been banned from leaving comments on ConservativeHome.  There had been a number of people who were continually nasty towards other visitors and determined to sidetrack every thread onto the same subject.  The comments policy is here for those who would like further explanation.

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