BBC Online is reporting that Government minister Margaret Hodge told a meeting of the Fabian Society that the Iraq war was Tony Blair’s "big mistake in foreign affairs".  "I hope this isn’t going to be reported," she is said to have worried but the remarks are being reported and she is now denying having made them.  Such disloyalty to Government policy should be rewarded with the sack but such is the hostility to the Iraq war on Labour’s benches and such is the weakness of Tony Blair’s leadership that she is pretty certain to stay in post.

Meanwhile the Heritage Foundation’s Nile Gardiner is warning that Britain must not retreat from Iraq:

"An early withdrawal of British forces would boost al-Qaeda, risk civil war in Iraq, and severely strain the Anglo-U.S. relationship, to the detriment of the war on terrorism and global security. While the Prime Minister is right to reject calls for a British withdrawal from Iraq, his decision to increase ties with Iran and Syria is a serious strategic error that would do no more than embolden these rogue regimes."

The Heritage’s full paper can be read here.

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