BournenickLast night’s Radio 4 Westminster Hour discussed the possibility of a grand anti-Labour coalition forming in the Cardiff Assembly
after next May’s elections.  Although there have been no opinion polls
for the Cardiff Assembly for more than eighteen months Labour look set
to lose their wafer-thin majority.

Nick Bourne AM, Leader
of the Welsh Tories, says that the other Assembly parties should
hesitate before propping up a "decaying, damaging and disastrous"
minority Labour administration and appeared very open to working with
the Liberal Democrats, Plaid and independents in keeping Labour out of
office and fulfilling the constitutional duty to govern.  The Radio 4
package noted a recent manoeuvre whereby the opposition parties had
joined together to successfully oppose Labour’s budget.

Mr Bourne’s openness to a grand coalition – what he calls an
"unlikely alliance" – may not be shared by grassroots Welsh Tories.
There remains suspicion of the Cardiff Assembly amongst the
rank-and-file; suspicion that was recently voiced by Preseli
Pembrokeshire MP Stephen Crabb on his blog.
There will also be big question marks about the desirability of working
with Assembly Members – many of whom are to the left of Welsh Labour.

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