MontgomeriedanconaI’ve just returned from the annual awards ceremony of the Political Studies Association where was recognised as Publication Of The Year.  A judging panel chaired by The Times’ Peter Riddell gave this explanation:

" has won a deserved reputation for being the most interesting politics website in the UK. From interesting articles, through polemical platforms to the liveliest political blogs and an ability to set agendas, has become compulsive reading for all of us with a serious interest in British politics, irrespective of political loyalties."

I’m pictured with The Spectator’s Matthew d’Ancona, who was awarded Journalist of the Year.  It was a good day for Conservatives.  David Cameron was named Politician of the Year and Richard Bacon Parliamentarian of the Year.

I’m very grateful to Stephan and Rosamund Shakespeare for their unstinting support of ConservativeHome and the great Sam Coates for being a perfect Deputy Editor.  That’s the closest you’ll get to a Gwyneth Paltrow moment here!

It was great for the internet to receive its first PSA Award.  At university I ran a magazine that cost £400 and reached about 400 people.  £1-a-person.  ConservativeHome will receive more than 500,000 hits in November and the supporting software costs just $14.95 per month.  0.003-cents-per-hit.  We are only at the beginning of the new media revolution and the massive decentralisation of power it is producing as traditional barriers to entry are swept away.  ConservativeHome may have been the first site to be recognised by the PSA but it certainly won’t be the last.

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