BrownvcameronA GfK NOP opinion poll for tomorrow’s Sunday Edition programme (ITV1) gives David Cameron a 10% lead over Gordon Brown when it comes to preferred Prime Minister.  The Conservative leader enjoys a 29% advantage when it comes to the freshest ideas and a 16% advantage when it comes to being most in touch with modern Britain.  The only area where Brown enjoys the narrowest of leads is on security – where the Chancellor leads by 22% to 21% on who will best protect the UK from a terrorist attack.  GfK NOP do not appear to have asked voters about economic competence (at least not in my embargoed information).  Former Home Secretary Charles Clarke has sought to exploit the security issue by attacking Tory opposition to ID cards (Daily Mail).

The poll also contains bad news for Ming Campbell.  Just 5% identify him as their preferred choice for Prime Minister.  24% told GfK NOP that they would prefer Charles Kennedy to return as leader and slightly more (7%) preferred LibDem Home Affairs spokesman Nick Clegg to the embattled Sir Menzies (6%).

YouTube link: Stephan Shakespeare on YouGov cautions against overinterpreting polls that compare Brown and Cameron.

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