Ming Campbell asked the Prime Minister about Trident.  David Cameron’s questions focused on Darfur but there was also this exchange on Afghanistan:

"You’ve recently seen for yourself the incredibly brave work our troops are doing in Afghanistan.  Anyone visiting Helmand is immediately struck by the absolutely vital role that helicopters play.  Are you convinced all our Nato partners are doing everything they can to maximise the number of helicopters in Afghanistan and will you push this point as hard as you can at the Nato summit next week?"

The Prime Minister:

"We certainly will in relation to any of the issues that our forces raise with us on the ground. The work we are doing in Helmand, as you rightly say, is of tremendous importance. I found both our troops in the Helmand province and those working on reconstruction in very good heart at the prospects of success in what they are doing.  But it is true that at next week’s Nato summit we have to make sure that not just the UK but all our Nato partners are doing their utmost to stabilise the situation in Afghanistan and give that government the prospect of success that it deserves and the Afghan people deserve."

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