"North Korea’s provocative act represents a clear threat to international peace and security.

The regime’s decision to undertake the test despite the warning of the Security Council to refrain from such action, shows a total disregard for the UN and the will of the international community.

The Government must now press the Security Council to take strong and decisive action in the form of a binding resolution under Chapter VII of the UN Charter paving the way for effective sanctions against the North Korean leadership.

The Security Council should now consider measures including:

Travel restrictions on key regime figures; freezing the overseas assets of those companies and individuals believed to be contributing to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction; prohibiting the sale of dual-use technology to North Korea and the provision of material or financial support to North Korea’s nuclear programme, and economic and trade sanctions.

North Korea has also demonstrated its willingness to proliferate its weapons to other regimes. We must therefore tighten the Proliferation Security Initiative designed to intercept WMD and WMD-related materials in the air, on land, and at sea.

China will have a crucial role to play in making any sanctions effective.   It is vital to act now in order to prevent the further proliferation of nuclear weapons, and to deter North Korea from developing a delivery capability."