The first week of 18 Doughty Street Talk TV has drawn to a close and I hope some of you have managed to tune in and have enjoyed the output.  Please visit our Watch Again page to catch up with some of the week’s highlights…

  • My exclusive interview with Australian Prime Minister John Howard;
  • Iain Dale chatting to Ann Widdecombe (my highlight of the week);
  • Our Culture Clash team discussing Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center movie and Michael Gove’s Celsius 7/7;
  • Alan Mendoza’s WorldView programme’s debate on neoconservatism;
  • James Frayne leading a discussion on tax; and
  • Jesse Norman’s Ideas Show explores the strengths and weaknesses of the ‘prisons works’ policy.

From the feedback received so far it appears that the programme you most enjoy is The End Of The Day – our unrehearsed look at the following day’s newspapers.  My own Up Front programme is likely to evolve into something more like The End Of The Day but with a focus on blogs and websites – rather than the dead tree press.  I’m in the process of drawing up a list of blogs that I’ll search every day.  Which blogs would you recommend that I visit for sharp reporting and opinions on politics, crime, the economy, foreign policy, religion and other major current affairs stories?  I’d be very grateful for your help…